This site is for fell runners who enjoy the challenge of running up and down some of the most beautiful and remote mountainous peaks in the British isles. The most important thing for us is that you enjoy our races, give us your feedback and join our band of regular supporters, who come back year after year to run our three often gruelling but definitely challenging classic fell races; the Ennerdale Horseshoe, the Wasdale Horseshoe and the Scafell Pike.

The Fell Runners Association (FRA) often reward our races with championship (English (E) or British & English (B&E)) status: 1997 Wasdale (E), 1998 Buttermere (E), 1999 Scafell Pike (E), 2000 Ennerdale (E), 2005 Wasdale (E) and 2006 Ennerdale (B&E), 2009 Wasdale (E), 2010 Ennerdale (E), 2013 Wasdale (E), 2014 Ennerdale (B&E) & 2017 Wasdale (E).

The 2018 Wasdale Fell Race certificates have been posted out to almost all of the finishers, but unfortunately there are seven names I do not have an address for. In surname alphabetical order they are :-

Matt Dunn, Darren Graham, Tony Holt, Chris Lee, Stephen Lysaccenko, Lee Walker, & Ben Wolstenholme.

Please can anyone who knows these runners contact me so I can find their addresses & post the certificates to them?

The 2019 Wasdale Fell Race certificates have been printed off, signed by Joss Naylor & distributed except those for the (3) Wharfedale runners, viz James Allard, Jean Powell (includes a prize voucher), & Sam Watson. Can anyone from Wharfedale please contact me so I can post them to you for distribution?

This year I was able to run in the Scafell Pike fell race (Sat 14th Sept) thanks to our treasurer Rob Davis who stepped in at short notice to replace me as Race Organiser (RO). Many thanks Rob. I hope to be able to run again next year (Sat 12th Sept 2020) if I can find an RO again!

Missing Wasdale Fell Race Results - from 1987's race, if anyone has a set of results please can they let me have a copy? You can send me a photocopy or e-mail me a scanned copy, any format will do, thanks.

Historical Wasdale fell Race Certificates - I still hold several certificates going back some 10 years, believe it or not, which have not yet been collected. There is a list of names/clubs & the year of the race as a link here ( Unclaimed Wasdale Certificates ). If you would like to receive your certificate, please contact me & I will post to you.

As race organisers, CFRA pride ourselves on our safety rules and precautions. Following an unfortunate fatality at the Ennerdale Fell Race in 1981 the CFRA committee produced a Safety of Fell Running document ( Safety of Fell Races ). All of our races are graded 'A' by the FRA which means that they're greater than 250 feet of ascent per mile. Both the Wasdale and Ennerdale are very tough races and employ closing times on the early checkpoints to limit the exposure time for runners and checkpoint marshalls. We use a radio network for our checkpoint marshals to keep in contact with the race control, & for the Wasdale & Scafell Pike races a tally system (as used by mountain rescuers and firemen) and two independent hard copy record systems for logging runners through. This gives us three different ways of knowing which checkpoints each of our runners have passed, retired at or timed out on. From 2009 we have also used an electronic timing system which employs 'dibbers' to obtain more accurate and more easily reported checkpoint times.

Navigational skills are a definite must! This becomes obvious when running in cloud where visibility can be reduced to a few metres. Local knowledge and previous experience are also essential as the race course can be some miles from habitation and weather conditions may be severe. Please note all our CFRA fell races do NOT permit the use of GPS systems for race navigation purposes.